ambers song
oh how i wish you would pay attention to me.
oh how i wish, you would fall in love with me.
i look forward to seeing your face everyday.
oh how i hope that you will never go away.
oh how i love it when yor smiling back at me.
it takes me to a better place it sets me free.
the whole world seems bad compared to you.
i wish you felt the same for me as i do for you.
oh how i love everything that s about you.
oh how i love everything you choose to do.
i love when you speak, it means everything to me.
i love the way you act, it is so cute to me.
amber please tell me, you will be mine.
or should i stop, am i just wasting my time??

my mind is all messed up, i dont know what to do.
i know you wont like it, but iam falling in love with you.

oh how i wish everything went my way.
oh how i wish i would hear you say.
ive fallin in love with you.