places we dont exist
    somethings wrong on my inside iam fighting you for my life.
    you want to control and say its Gods will but i dont think your right
    i feel so alone in this place which you have set me
    and iam tryin to be free but you wont let me

    youve stripped me away from people close to me the ones i love
    ive never felt so alone then i do right now so i look above
    i know you hate  it that i have a mind with my own views
    i know you hate it that i refuse and will not br like you
    so youll punish me by keeping me in the place i dont belong
    so iam alone and will break but you will see your wrong
    iam tied down in a cage you have made with no key
    trapped alone in a place i dont exist that you have made for me.
then i look to the sky but no ones there.
but i know someones home
on my cheek a cold tear
i wish all the pain of my life would disappear
i know it is useless fighting
i know it was worthless even tying
now i sit here and iam crying
and i feel like iam dying.

oh God please help me.