Radical Christain
radical Christain
our struggle is not against the flesh and blood but against the authorities against the rulers against the evils of this dark world.....

    and the world turns and people yurn for there rights but refuse to fight. dont dit and complain but refuse to stand and make a change. stand up now or fall down then. the battle rages on of God man and sin.
    little babies dying hungry chidren crying politics are lying its time radical christains started fighting  for whats good for whats right here to shine the light of Jesus Christ.
    my king help us rid the world of this filth help us complete the kill of sin and corruption of death and destruction.
    racism is spreading the government is letting hate rise up and love fall down refusing to let God around and people are to blind to see the world is being tornand the simple solution is hidden in a crown of thorns.
    kill the sin that reaches within