false authority
false authority
    i may be young but i know the rights i have i hold i keep,keep your advice to yourself no one cares especially me!! your are only human i will not pledge allegiance to you you are only flesh and blood your no Jesus Christ dont cage me i will fight for my rights and my freedom it will be here to stand against your false authority!!!!

- false authority we hate you -

politicians teachers adults of high class bow to your government but i wont bend iam tired of you thinkin my mind is so small that i cant lead my life with out a fall get out of my face away from this place the only authority is Gods human over human is false and you will fall.
pray for anarchy cause the days comin soon

imagine a world completely free of government and false authority we will do we will say have the freedom not to pay for your waste of time and your satan influenced lies!!!!!!!!!!!!